Do-it-yourself publications

Listed below are publications written to help Arkansans maintain healthier lawns.

Publication number
Title (pdf)
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FSA6121 Lawn Care Calendar: Bermudagrass    
FSA6120 Lawn Care Calendar: Centipedegrass    
FSA6119 Lawn Care Calendar: St. Augustinegrass    
FSA6118 Lawn Care Calendar: Tall Fescue    
FSA6122 Lawn Care Calendar: Zoysiagrass    
FSA2112 Choosing a Grass for Arkansas Lawns    
FSA2113 Seeding a Lawn in Arkansas    
FSA2042 Establishing a Lawn from Sod    
FSA6138 2008 Arkansas Sod Source Directory    
FSA6143 Building a Backyard Putting Green    
FSA2114 Fertilizing Your Lawn    
FSA6134 Liming Your Lawn    
FSA6023 Mowing Your Lawn    
FSA6139 Thatch Prevention and Control    
FSA6140 Growing Turfgrass in Shade    
FSA6141 Nematode Management in Lawns    
FSA6142 Busting the Most Common Lawn Myths and Misconceptions    
FSA1005 Lawn Mower Safety  
FSA2121 Test Your Soil for Plant Food and Lime Needs
FSA2153 The Soil Test Report    
FSA2118 Understanding the Numbers on Your Soil Test Report    
Pest Control      
FSA2109 Home Lawn Weed Control    
FSA7527 Rhizoctonia Large Patch Disease of Zoysiagrass and Bermudagrass
FSA7537 Slime Molds - Landscape Curiosities    
FSA7539 Fairy Ring of Turfgrass  
FSA7541 Dollar Spot of Turfgrass in the Home Landscape  
FSA7551 Bermudagrass Spring Dead Spot    
FSA7558 Brown Patch of Tall Fescue Lawns    
FSA7559 Rust of Arkansas Turfgrasses    
FSA7560 Take-All Root Rot in Warm-Season Turf    
FSA7565 Pythium Diseases of Turf    
FSA7566 Gray Leaf Spot of St. Augustinegrass    
FSA7569 Bipolaris Leaf Spot and Melting out of Bermudagrass and other Warm Season Turfgrasses    
MP154 Arkansas Plant Disease Control Products Guide  
MP144 Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas  
FSA7062 Common Questions about Japanese Beetles in Arkansas    
FSA9095 Controlling the Eastern Mole    

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