March 8, 2010

MSMA Registration: Update and Clarification

As we discussed earlier last year, MSMA use in turf is slated for registration removal from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).Here is a bulleted summary of how the registration removal is scheduled.

For residential (includes parks and athletic fields) used the following dates apply:

For sod farms, golf courses, and highway rights-of-way the following
existing stocks dates apply:


Future decisions:

The MAA Task Force ( strongly believes that there is growing scientific evidence that low doses of inorganic arsenic do not pose a concern to human health or to the environment. If an EPA science review, to convene in 2012, concurs with this position, then inorganic arsenic resulting from uses of MSMA will not pose a concern, and the Task Force will petition for restoration of some or all of MSMA uses.

Dr. Aaron Patton

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